about KNOWN

KNOWN is a dynamic coworking community to connect people across their fields of expertise, endeavors and experiences. Located in the historical Palladium Building, KNOWN is a space for serendipitous networking in the heart of New Haven’s Downtown 9th Square.



Built in 1855, the Palladium Building has 160 years of bringing great ideas and people together, hosting literary culture, adult education, and civil discourse. The Young Men’s Institute, now the Institute Library Connecticut’s oldest independent circulating library, was first established at the Palladium Building and is now our neighbor just around the corner on Chapel Street. In 1859, the top floor became home to New Haven’s first high school, James Hillhouse High. Later on, it became the home of the Daily Palladium Newspaper, known for it’s anti-slavery leanings.  

These days, ground floor is home to delightful lunch spots G-Café Bakery and Tikkaway. For those commuting in on 2 wheels, the Devil’s Gear Bike Shop can help keep you rolling.

Our 2nd and 3rd Floors of the building have been redesigned as a boutique apartment community featuring ten loft style apartments. The 4th and 5th floors are home to KNOWN coworking space.


KNOWN is located in the heart of Downtown New Haven's historic 9th Square. When you cowork at KNOWN you're anywhere from right outside our steps to a couple blocks away from dozens of amazing places to grab a bite to eat, get after work cocktails, pickup some groceries, visit an art gallery, or see an amazing live performance. We're also just 1 block from State Street Station!

Checkout Elm City Market, G Cafe, 116 Crown, Artspace, The State House, Trinity Bar and many, many more amazing locations.