Meet the KNOWNpreneurs

Cohort 3


Kwame Asare

Oh Shito!

Oh Shito! is a manufacturer of a variety of spicy yet savory pepper sauce condiments that provide bold flavor profiles to any dish. It is a versatile condiment that can be used as a dip, spread, topping or marinate. Through our pepper sauce, we aim to provide a cultural connection to Ghana and encourages culinary exploration for food lovers and cultural enthusiasts.


Melissa Pearson

LePeir Clothing Co

I sell inspirational clothing and jewelry that was born from my struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety. I aim to encourage others that our past does not define us and we can turn our pain into purpose.


Renee Griffin

Trachouse, LLC

Hair Salon and beauty bar proving an array of services.


Krystal Harris

Kleo Rose Style

Studio Kleo Rose is a full service hair studio that specializes in all things beauty and healthy haircare.


Latrelle Coward

The Brown Skin Co., LLC.

I provide professional skin care and waxing services. I also have a skin care line currently in development.


Krystal Jackson

Simply Being Wellness Counseling

My business is a therapy and wellness practice that currently has three part-time therapists. We provide therapy for individuals (teens and adults), families, and couples. We serve the greater Hartford area for in-person sessions and all of CT via telehealth. We also will be providing groups and wellness workshops focused on self-care, mindset, and coping skills.


Danielle Turner

Inner You Clinical Services LLC

I provide mental health therapy services to adults in group setting and/or individual setting. I also developed a self care line and currently working on self care workbooks and content for other mental health professionals.


Savitra Jones

Thrive Haven

Thrive Haven, LLC offers mindfulness-based, client-centered, solution-focused services to help clients dealing with a range of mental health concerns.


Sandra Salmon

Opal Stork Home Care, LLC

Opal Stork Home Care business provides services that assist the elderly in their own home and in assisted living to be independent as long as possible. Our caregivers help with activities of daily Living such as grocery shopping, bathing, grooming, medical and help with house work, cleaning and also assist them with medical appointments.


Kebra Smith-Bolden

Holistic Home Care

We provide companions homemakers and PCA services


Kim Weston

Wábi Gallery

Wábi Gallery is located downtown New Haven. Wábi will focus on BIPOC and women artists from Connecticut, national emerging artists and provide art education for the New Haven community.


Aaron Rogers

The Breed Academy Inc

The Breed Academy is a new non for profit organization that works with young urban professionals to build a career in the arts and entertainment sector. We provide professional development, training and workforce opportunities for young people to be able to thrive in this sector. The Breed Academy has 3 particular programs which are Music Production, Podcasting and Multimedia also referred to as "The Trio". Our programs are broken down by three categories which are the 14-18 year old youth program, Adult program for 19 and older and an our accelerated workforce program for 18 years old and older. Participants choose a career track from the Trio and students are accessed and placed on a individual success plan. Along with The Trio we also offer Private lessons for young aspiring musicians .


Jenora Ledbetter

The Self Care Network LLC

I help businesses and organizations minimize the liability of discrimination in the workplace by helping them design DE&I Strategic Plans and implementing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into their policies and procedures.