Connection Corner: Tattoos – The Meaning Behind

10-15-20 cc tattoos instagram

Episode Description:

Tattoos have become a part of the mainstream culture over the last two decades. It used to be that only sailors and bikers had them. Now, even grandmothers have tattoos! And everyone who has a tattoo has a story for every tattoo they have. Some of the stories are deep, some are shallow, but they all like to talk about their tattoos. I've invited some of the most interesting people I know to share about their tattoos. Alesia Galati, is a Black woman who is a podcast manager and co-creator of the podcast "Two Sisters and a Cult" is a collector of "memorable tattoos." Renee Nolan, whose tattoo story I've never heard, will also join us. Alex's tattoo history includes influence by Joseph Campbell ("The Power of Myth" PBS series with Bill Moyers). Join us for this very cool convo about tattoos.

This episode features:

Alesia Galati, Renee Nolan and Alex Pierpaoli