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Digital Media Sync is a dynamic weekly discussion between expert practitioners, established  business owners, and growing entrepreneurs. In this program, we navigate through the ever-changing tools and practices of online communications.

Topics and discussions are crowdsourced in this knowledge sharing venture.

Digital Tools and Practices are constantly changing, and our mission is to help business and non-profits thrive in the midst of these changes, with a strong core communications foundation.

Let’s Learn About Teaching Apps!

2021 Predictions with Friends

The Path to Productivity

Digital Media Trends – Part III w/ Special Guest Randye Spina

Digital Trends for 2021 Part II

We’re going to be grabbing more articles and getting more expert opinions about what is happening in 2021 in the world of online communications!

Digital Media Sync

Digital Trends for 2021 – Part 1

DMS: Introduction to Digital Business Success!

A Quick Guide to Instagram for Business

Join Giulia for Part IV of digital marketing in unprecedented times. This time, she’ll pull together everything she’s covered in the last three episodes to help you create a robust holiday marketing campaign.

Is Your Email Database Ready for Holiday Marketing

This is the third in a series on Holiday Marketing 2020. We’ll talk about staying top of mind to your most valuable audience, your current customers!