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Digital Media Sync is a dynamic weekly discussion between expert practitioners, established  business owners, and growing entrepreneurs. In this program, we navigate through the ever-changing tools and practices of online communications.

Topics and discussions are crowdsourced in this knowledge sharing venture.

Digital Tools and Practices are constantly changing, and our mission is to help business and non-profits thrive in the midst of these changes, with a strong core communications foundation.

Is Your Email Database Ready for Holiday Marketing

This is the third in a series on Holiday Marketing 2020. We’ll talk about staying top of mind to your most valuable audience, your current customers!

Holiday Online Sales in Unprecedented Times

Giulia has been scanning the strategies, suggestions, and tips from top commerce platforms and digital sales publications to bring together the best practices for Holiday sales in 2020. Tune in on FB live here.

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10 Ways to Enhance Your Viewer’s Live Broadcast Experience

Zef is back with more tips on the Live Video Experience! Going “LIVE!” has its challenges… no doubt about it. A lot of things happen simultaneously behind the scenes and one never knows what the “tech gremlins” have in store for the producers and/or broadcast creators. Whether you’re new to LIVE Videos / Live Broadcasting,…

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