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Digital Tools and Practices are constantly evolving, and our mission is to help business and non-profits thrive in the midst of these changes, with a strong core communications foundation.

In this program, we navigate through the ever-changing tools and practices of online communications.

Digital Media Sync (DMS) is hosted by Giulia Gambale who is the Social Media Maven of Agents of Branding. Giulia is often joined by expert practitioners, established business owners, and growing entrepreneurs for dynamic discussions.


DMS: Foundation Directory Online

DMS: Grantwatch

DMS: Statista

DMS: CreativeBug

DMS: Mergent Intellect

DMS & NHFPL Collab 2 of 7: Gale Business Plan Builder

DMS & NHFPL Collab 1 of 7: SEM Rush

DMS: Rock Your Website!

DMS: The Future of Virtual Live Events

DMS: Men’s Fashion and Digital Media

DMS: Hashtag Best Practices for LinkedIn

DMS: Website Accessibility

DMS: Social Media for Social Justice

DMS: Creating Content Based on Connection

DMS: Best Practices for Business Social Media Profiles

DMS: Productivity Mindset

DMS: 14 Digital Job Search Tools

DMS: The Truth about Virtual Events

DMS: Start Planning Now for the Great Give in May

DMS: Digital Trends We’re Seeing in 2021

DMS: Visual Hacks on Canva & Other Platforms

DMS: Marketing for Non-Profits

All non-profits and for-profits that can benefit from their expertise are invited to join Giulia and Randye for this conversation to enhance their communications and fundraising.

Through the years, Randye and Giulia have both done business with non-profits. They also sit on non-profit boards and assist those boards with their expertise.

DMS: Clubhouse – the Invite-Only Social Media App

DMS: Is Twitter Still a Good Idea for Business?

Let’s Learn About Teaching Apps!

2021 Predictions with Friends

The Path to Productivity

Digital Media Trends – Part III w/ Special Guest Randye Spina

Digital Trends for 2021 Part II

We’re going to be grabbing more articles and getting more expert opinions about what is happening in 2021 in the world of online communications!

Digital Media Sync

Digital Trends for 2021 – Part 1

DMS: Introduction to Digital Business Success!

A Quick Guide to Instagram for Business

Join Giulia for Part IV of digital marketing in unprecedented times. This time, she’ll pull together everything she’s covered in the last three episodes to help you create a robust holiday marketing campaign.

Is Your Email Database Ready for Holiday Marketing

This is the third in a series on Holiday Marketing 2020. We’ll talk about staying top of mind to your most valuable audience, your current customers!

Holiday Online Sales in Unprecedented Times

Giulia has been scanning the strategies, suggestions, and tips from top commerce platforms and digital sales publications to bring together the best practices for Holiday sales in 2020. Tune in on FB live here.

What’s New with Facebook Business Manager?

10 Ways to Enhance Your Viewer’s Live Broadcast Experience

Zef is back with more tips on the Live Video Experience! Going “LIVE!” has its challenges… no doubt about it. A lot of things happen simultaneously behind the scenes and one never knows what the “tech gremlins” have in store for the producers and/or broadcast creators. Whether you’re new to LIVE Videos / Live Broadcasting,…

Let’s Talk Facebook Shop

DMS: Turn Your Website Into a Selling Machine!

DMS: Top Ten Apps to Make Your Life Manageable

DMS: Automate Anything with Zapier

DMS: Utilizing Twitter To Generate Leads

DMS: Library Research Tools for Business

Build Quick and Effective Google Smart Ads

DMS: Smart Social Media Planning

DMS: Choosing Virtual Event Technologies

How to host a successful virtual live event on digital media sync with giulia gouge

How to Host a Successful Virtual Event

Implementing a Marketing Mindset

Manifesting a Marketing Mindset with Randye Spina

Manifesting a Marketing Mindset

Kris Tonski of Fusion Design

Top Tips to Optimize Your Website For Google

In this episode, web expert Kris Tonski, owner of Fusion Design goes through the several techniques and actions she uses to optimize the websites she creates and manages to be found on Google searches. Kris has been designing websites since the early 2000s and she has enough years under her belt to see what works and…

5 Ways to Use Live Video

Digital Media Sync Use Google Analytics to Increase Online Sales

5 Reasons Why Business Leaders Need to Use Live Videos During COVID19:

Digital Media Sync Use Google Analytics to Increase Online Sales

Use Google Analytics to Boost Online Sales

Digital Media Sync reviewing Google Data Studio

Digital Media Sync – Google Data Studio