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Welcome to the Summer Guild for Growth – a collaborative community designed for emerging entrepreneurs who are committed to continuous learning and growth.

We offer personalized 1:1 coaching sessions, in a vibrant co-working space. At the Guild for Growth, we celebrate diversity of thought, encourage shared wisdom, and foster a space where every voice contributes to collective success. Join us in our mission to elevate your business journey!


To support our launch, we have a special promotion to join the Summer Guild for Growth:


Growth Explorer ($50/month): 

Choose your own growth path every month with two 1:1 small business coaching sessions

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Co-working Catalyst ($99/month):

Boost your productivity and network with regular access to our co-working space, where you can collaborate with other rising business leaders. This plan includes a 12-5 flex desk membership.

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Professional Pioneer ($149/month): 
Experience the full spectrum of our offerings with access to our co-working space (from 12 - 5) and two 1:1 coaching sessions each month.

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Rosalind 'Roz' Zavras is a highly experienced non-profit operations expert, with over 15 years of dedicated work building operational infrastructure for social impact organizations around the world.  Roz create systems that transform existing operations structures into efficient processes that are ready for scale.

Giulia Gambale has helped  small businesses and nonprofits develop strong and results-oriented Brand and Communications through planning, implementation, consulting, and workshops since June 2009. Giulia has recently been instructing via CEDF, SCORE and The Werth Entrepreneur and Innovation Center at Housatonic Community College.


Barb Nangle is a coach, podcaster, speaker and writer who focuses on leadership development and mindset coaching. She’s especially effective at helping people change their long-standing patterns of behavior and establishing new habits.
Barb is known for making connections in the national entrepreneurship ecosystem.


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Invest in your future with the Guild for Growth, where entrepreneurs thrive, collaborate, and make a difference.