meeting spaces

The Boardroom

Room Capacity: 16 people | $150/hr

This is the space you’ll want to book for your executive meetings, workshops, focus groups, and off-site presentations. Keep your energy up with natural lighting and high ceilings. Includes a private bathroom.


The Brainstorming Room

Room Capacity: 8 people | $75/hr

Great results start with inspired thinking. The Brainstorm Room is an intimate space, excellent space for bringing the team to the table, moving around, focusing on a specific topic, and getting the job done.


The Media Lounge

Room Capacity: 8 people | $75/hr

Somewhere between work and play, this business lounge is the perfect space to loosen up and have natural conversation. With leather seating, a 55” display, and natural lighting, your guests feel right at home.


The Huddle Room

Room Capacity: 4 people | $50/hr 9 am - 5 pm, Mon-Fri | additional $35/hr for weekends and nights


Zoom Booth

Room Capacity: 1 Person | $18/hr

  • Ideal for phone calls and virtual meetings (Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, etc.)
  • Cabin is completely sound proof
  • Can be booked for several continuous hours
  • Air Conditioned

Zoom Rooms are located in the Main Lobby, West Wing, & Second Floor (Top Level) and can be booked for $18/hr. 1 hour is included with the purchase of a Day Pass.