The Connection Corner

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The Connection Corner is a spotlight to create connections in the community.

Whether you are an Entrepreneur, Artist, Dreamer, and/or Change-maker in our community then you'll want to connect with Barb on the Connection Corner. In this program KNOWN showcases members of the Greater New Haven area as well as members of KNOWN so as to build stronger bonds which foster growth, opportunity, and a sense of connection.

Barb Nangle

Barb Nangle is KNOWN's Community Manager. She is known for motivating, connecting, and inspiring people.

CC: KP’s in the Mental Health Business

CC: KP’s in the Personal Services Biz

CC: KP’s in the Retail and Professional Services

CC: KP’s in the Consulting & Professional Services

CC: KP’s in the Transportation Business

CC: The Importance of Planning for Your Future

CC: What Is Market Research and How it Can Help Your Business

CC: Why Successful Business Owners Practice Tai Chi

CC: KNOWNpreneurs Growth Lab

CC: How to Grow Your Business

CC: Meet KNOWNpreneur Savitra

CC: Meet KNOWNpreneurs Aaron and Kim

CC: Meeting KNOWNpreneurs Latrelle and Krystal

CC: Meeting the KNOWNpreneurs: Danielle & Jenora

CC: Meet the KNOWNpreneurs: Renee, Krystal and Melissa

CC: Meeting the Knownpreneurs Kwame, Kebra and Sandra

CC: Business Advising for Women

CC: Meet the KNOWNpreneurs: Healing Springs Wellness & Exquisite Flavors Catering

Meet the KNOWNpreneurs: Professional Services

Meet the KNOWNpreneurs: Food & Events

CC: Meeting the KNOWNpreneurs – Wellness Businesses

CC: User Experience Workshop

CC: Jesse from GNHCC

CC: Grow Your Business with SCORE

CC: Top 10 Reasons Business Loans Fail

CC: Working with a Virtual Assistant

Connection Corner: The Evolution of Retail

Connection Corner: What is the Single Mother’s Discount Card?

Connection Corner: Introducing You: Personal Branding & Photography

Connection Corner: Meet the KNOWNpreneurs IV: Hospitality

Connection Corner Earth Day Special: Save the Sound

Connection Corner: Meet the KNOWNPreneurs Part III: Health-focused Entrepreneurship

Connection Corner: KNOWNpreneurs II: Arts as Business

CC: Meet the KNOWNPreneurs Part I: Wellness Entrepreneurship

Connection Corner: 2030 or Bust: Ending the Climate Crisis

Connection Corner: Financial Empowerment

Connection Corner: Positively Impacting Your Community

Connection Corner: 1 Million Candles by 2030

Connection Corner: Branding for Success as a passionate business owner

Connection Corner: Financial Tips for Business

Connection Corner: Meet Nadine, the Newest Creative-in-Residence

Connection Corner episode on 11/13/20 with Giulia Gouge

Connection Corner: She SO social! Who is she, and how can you be?

The Connection Corner: The Huneebee Project

Connection Corner: Finding Your Style Through (men’s) Fashion

Connection Corner: Tattoos – The Meaning Behind

Connection Corner: Expression through Art

Connection Corner: NaturalAnnie – The Journey of an Entrepreneur

Connection Corner: How to Avoid Employee Embezzlement

Connection Corner: Virtual Reality

Known Live: Resources for Nonprofits @ Ives Squared

Known Live: Pursuing Artistic & Creative Dreams with Amira Brown

Known Live: Tales of serial entrepreneurship with Alisa Bowen Mercado

Known Live: Meet the Black Business Alliance

Known Live: Dreaming of Empowering Youth

Known Live: The NOT Starving Artist

Implementing a Marketing Mindset

Raheem Nelson on Known Live

The Color Of Art in 2020

Manifesting a Marketing Mindset with Randye Spina

Manifesting a Marketing Mindset

New Haven Counts 1000 young entrepreneurs broadcast

Creating 1,000 Young Entrepreneurs by 2030

Kris Tonski of Fusion Design

Top Tips to Optimize Your Website For Google

In this episode, web expert Kris Tonski, owner of Fusion Design goes through the several techniques and actions she uses to optimize the websites she creates and manages to be found on Google searches. Kris has been designing websites since the early 2000s and she has enough years under her belt to see what works and…

5 Ways to Use Live Video

Designing for Social Equity with Nestl

Megan Wooding author of Dear Sister

Novel Writing and Self Publishing with Megan Wooding

Amanda Rivera on KNOWN Live teaching how to get featured in major media outlets

How to Get Featured in Major Media Outlets with Amanda Rivera